Drinking Under the Moon

"Poetry and hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. All you can do is go where they can find you" – A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Breaking bridges.

A craving, like love, slices through my body.

This agony of waiting, it is this which kills me in the end.

this pain or pleasure, pleasure in this pain you take to extreme

like a shot of poison, a heroin injection — zipping through my body

and then

Calculating itself as my companion.

Making its home in me, I plea with agony and beg. This love is torture and yet its move

Sets me free, but traps me in its dark walls and recesses. Wet and cold.

damp sets in as we grow colder, we grow older, we grow duller. duller, anaesthetised

sensation less and unfeeling in the end.

the dull thud of ending is just white noise-

Maddening, methodical and yet unlined.

Our broken bodies host this organism, this psychotic thing called love

this leech sucking each molecule of us.


2 comments on “Breaking bridges.

  1. lefthandsymphonies
    November 19, 2013

    “the dull thud of ending is just white noise” – great line. to me, what characterizes a poem is its necessary dependence on words as much as its struggle to transcend them. when i read this, i want more simple, concrete images. “wet and cold” – there’s another good one. i need something to hold onto. first of all, you have a great rhythm – “we grow colder, we grow older, we grow duller. duller, anaesthetised” – (oh and interesting line break too) but as a reader, i am looking for something that shows a prolonged hesitation between sound and sense, and then relieves that tension.

    • mcordenlloyd
      November 19, 2013

      Thank you so much for the comment. Yes, I think it is the grammar that is the problem. I am still experimenting with it and the best and most effective use to give more dimension to my poetry! I will definitely take that in mind when I go over this one and in writing my others:)

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