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"Poetry and hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. All you can do is go where they can find you" – A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

My first term in London…..

In my final year of school I was accepted by Kings College London to read English Literature. Here, I have been lucky enough to meet some beautiful people who I have been able to share the city with day in day out. My life has been one of reading vast victorian novels, poetry, theories and articles; smattered with Mayfair nights, exploring the vast array of restaurants and opportunities that living in London can offer. One of my favourites must be the club Boujis  in South Kensington. The music is brilliant and though small, it gives the feel of a lovely exclusive venue. Similarly a spontaneous meal to Bluebird in Chelsea gave us a well budgeted night with all of the luxury that one would expect from an upmarket restaurant. In fact, I would argue that though I have lived on a student budget in London, I have not found that I have had to scrimp on my enjoyment. The key is to get to know the area that you live in and look out for deals.

I cannot of course miss out the wonderful group of girls I  met. One of the joys of University is that you are given a fresh start – not that I haven’t had my fair share of new beginnings, (quite the opposite in fact) but this is a real chance to be in a more mature environment. The sheer number of people who are there to befriend means that as well as being daunting, one can really pick the ‘perfect’ friends. I was particularly lucky in that I was placed in a flat with two of the most lovely (not to mention gorgeous) girls, which promptly led us to find some more additions to our friendship group. I found the most enjoyable aspect of having these like-minded people was the fact that I had someone to share in the things that I love.

Something that I would strongly recommend is getting to know a promoter or two for the top clubs. I have been to Maddox, Libertine, Whiskey Mist and Boujis all for free and had free drinks all night. Considering that they are some of the best clubs in London it adds a really good vibe to the night when you have no monetary guilt in the morning!

Southbank Christmas market.

Southbank Christmas market.

Le Pain Quotidian nestles itself inside a disuded tube passage meaning the downstairs has a wonderfully cosy and intimate feel. Perfect for a cold winter brunch.

Le Pain Quotidian nestles itself inside a disused tube passage meaning the downstairs has a wonderfully cosy and intimate feel. Perfect for a cold winter brunch.

Finally it goes without saying (but I will anyway) that London is obviously the land of opportunity. There is more than one person can ever wish to do or to see. There is a sense that every day you are expanding your mind, learning new things, experiencing new parts of this vast and beautiful metropolis. Similarly getting to know a couple of really good restaurants where you can go regularly is really important. As I live on Southbank at the moment, I have been hopping from one riverside haunt to the other. Le Pain Quotidian (wonderful for brunch) , Ping Pong and Feng Sushi are some of my regulars. There is also some wonderful cocktail bars down the waterloo road – one being the converted fire station and another small and shabby chic cuban bar.

Le Pain Quotidian, Southbank. For the best real hot chocolate and healthy cakes

Le Pain Quotidian, Southbank. For the best real hot chocolate and healthy cakes.

As well as this I have also enjoyed being able to walk lazily across waterloo bridge in the mornings, with its iconic views and icy breeze it is one of those things which makes you glad to be alive. So there it is. Every morning I wake up thankful that I have been given the incredible opportunity to meet these people and experience this new stage in my life with them in this jungle that never sleeps…..

Boujis nightclub, South Kensington

Boujis nightclub, South Kensington

Blue Bird restaurant, Chelsea

Blue Bird restaurant, Chelsea


One comment on “My first term in London…..

  1. Carl D'Agostino
    February 19, 2014

    You are lucky to be in such an historic city in a country with so many centuries of culture. I went to a small college in rural Florida, USA, “a two street town” they were called, class of ’71. No internet and not even electric typewriter only pens, paper and real books. Thanks visit my blog.

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