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Lemongrass, Lime and Lychee Cocktail recipe

So today my gorgeous friend and I went to Oxford Street to hit the sales. After much elbowing and futile searching for bargains, we decided to recuperate at our favourite restaurant Ping Pong. In the process of filling ourselves with Dim Sum we ordered two cocktails, one of which was a divine lemongrass and lime concoction. It tasted so fresh and delicious, with a generous kick of alcohol that left us warm and happy on the cold and frankly, rather horrible day.

This would be prefect for making you feel a little taste of summer in the disaster that is the british wintertime.Therefore I decided to share with you the recipe so you can recreate it at home:

You will need:- (per cocktail)

A tall glass to make the cocktail in

A cocktail shaker

Crushed Ice


A lime

Lychee Juice

Black Smirnoff Vodka


To make the cocktail:-

Into the cocktail shaker:-

– Add a generous amount of Black Smirnoff Vodka (about three shots per large glass)

– Top up with Lychee Juice.

– Then add the Juice of one lime (I like a curl of lime peel for decoration as well so perhaps do this before)

– Then mix in the shaker.


For the presentation:-

– Fill the glass with Crushed ice until it peaks above the glass (see picture)

– Then stick in a few bits of lemongrass for flavour,

– Pour the mix over the ice ad fill the glass, top with the curl of lime and an extra dash of lime juice for good luck.1538752_10202466946309418_838277624_n


One comment on “Lemongrass, Lime and Lychee Cocktail recipe

  1. 24/7 in France
    November 4, 2014

    Looks delicious – Merci for following 24/7 in France, author of “Solitary Desire-One Woman’s Journey to France” See video http://youtu.be/xG_YTa5sDac

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